An Entrepreneurship Story Full of Dreams, Effort and Passion

            Our founder, Mrs. Nurhan Durukan; was born in 1961 in Savur district of Mardin. Due to the job of her father, Mehmet Enver Aras, who was a bank manager, they lived in many different cities of Turkey. In 1985, she married her beloved husband Nedim Durukan and settled in Ankara. Due to her personal interests, she has always been intertwined with handicrafts. She has designed beautiful and unique pieces with the cold ceramic art that she loves a lot and diversified the value and pleasure of productivity.

              While working in the field of cold ceramics; she noticed the inadequacy of the clays used in this and similar fields, and observed that the products sold ready-made in the market could not fully meet the needs of the users. She dreamed of clay that does not break easily, does not fade, can be shaped easily and does not require any preparation before use. The clay, which she developed at home with her own research and trials, has been tested both in cold ceramics and other hobby, educational and professional modeling, and has graded well by the professionals. Then she decided to take her dreams one step further with the support of her family, wishing everyone to meet with her unique clay and bring new people to art. This is how the “NureArt” brand was born.

              Nurhan Durukan, who founded the NureArt brand in 2020; Believing that everyone has a love for art, she started to write her own women’s entrepreneurship story for the “innovative and enjoyable” state of art. With the help of the deep industrial production culture of her family, it has developed its unique product industrially with its professional team and has developed the clay with R&D studies for mass production. As of April 2021, the production facility has started to work actively and she will continue to write the rest of her story with you, the art lovers.